Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the information page! Read on to learn more about what it's like to work with ASCENT...

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What should I order?

"My recommendation is to first consider the type of service you would like - a reading, a phone call, or coaching. Then, choose a service based on what will bring you the most peace in the moment. Clarity comes with peace."

I just ordered - now what?

"Once you complete your purchase, your position on the booking list is reserved and locked. Live coaching and advising sessions are scheduled via email. Exclusives are not automated, so have patience and know they will arrive in your inbox in perfect divine timing!"

How long does it take to get my order?

"Running a global crisis ministry alongside a coaching business makes this a tough question to answer. In some cases, readings can be delivered in just a few days and live sessions can be scheduled within one week or less; at other times (eclipse seasons, retrogrades, major portals, global crises, etc.) it can take a bit longer."

Can I expedite my order?

"You can rush any individual service by submitting the rush fee ($44.44). In times of increased demand, standard orders can take up to one month; rush orders and emergency services may be delivered or scheduled in 72 hours or up to two weeks after booking. Feeling impatient or dealing with a crisis? Send an email before you order to ensure your needs can be met on your timeline."

How do video readings work?

"Once your time on the booking list arrives, your reading will be completed and uploaded to YouTube as a private video. Should you feel the need to ask questions or provide details, reply to the booking email you receive about your session; otherwise, no response is required for a free flow message from spirit."

How will I receive my video?

"Check your inbox! Your link will arrive in the same thread as your booking email. Once you click the link, you will be taken to your private YouTube video. Enjoy your session at your leisure - as often as you'd like."