ASCENT Client Booking Agreement

In order to provide outstanding service to each and every client, we have updated our booking agreement. Please read on...


Update to our Booking Policy Covenant

As outlined in your original User Agreement:

1. No refunds -

“Purchases through FGE are nonrefundable. Upon purchase, you agree to payment in full, regardless of perceived completeness or level of satisfaction with said purchase.”

2. Exchanges are not guaranteed - 

“Purchases may be exchanged for a similar service or good, at our discretion.”

As of September 2022, Users also agree to the following:

3. Contact us within seven days of purchase to claim your order -

“You agree to provide your email address upon purchase or contact your coach via email within seven days. You agree to reply to any email communications promptly, as required, especially for services that must be scheduled.”

4. Book your session within forty-five days of purchase or forfeit your order - 

“You agree to book your appointment and provide your phone number; receive your recording; or provide your mailing address within forty-five days of purchase. To hold your order up to one month, contact your coach via email to confirm with seven days of purchase.”

5. Be mindful of others and book respectfully - 

“You agree to schedule your sessions at a mutually convenient time. Should you need to reschedule, you agree to contact your coach up to one hour prior to your appointment time to allow them to serve other clients. 

If you are unable to answer and/or otherwise miss your appointment, it is considered a no-call, no-show. All no-call, no-show appointments are subject to Courtesy Fees as follows:

1st Booking - 5 Minute Courtesy Fee

2nd Booking - 10 Minute Courtesy Fee

3rd Booking - Payment Becomes a Donation

Courtesy Fees are nonnegotiable and will automatically be deducted from your total appointment time; you will receive a new booking email and a warning to review this agreement.”