the sexpert

Fiery Grace, the sexpert    |    Sexual & Sensual Consultant

A clinical psychologist and sexual-sensual tantric autodidact specializing in enhanced romantic and personal pleasures of the highest kind, providing empowerment, education, and confidence designed to refresh and rejuvenate as you grow your prowess.

This powerful coach has worked with a variety of diverse clients groups from all walks of life. No matter who or where you are on the globe, there is an opportunity for you to give and receive deeper satisfaction through purposeful passion and loving intentions.

Coaching opportunities are available for those in serious need of an overhaul of their sexual paradigms or any divine being seeking radical sensual healing. Reading offerings include tailored personal readings, healing sessions, and live tantric sessions. Prerecorded video sessions, live chat sessions, and phone sessions make it easy for anyone to connect. Erotic stories and novels are also available for your entertainment.

Check out her available services to purchase readings and coaching, or contact Fiery Grace, the sexpert to learn more about available training.




Short stories from "Fiery Grace, the conqueror"

Smitty and the No Good, Very Bad Day

“Just let me kiss it?” My hands were roaming, rubbing up and down your chest and shoulders. I draped my arms around your neck again and kissed your cheek, slowly making my way towards your mouth. I stopped and whispered against your lips, “Just the tip, baby?”


Josh Sannone

“I always knew,” he said between kisses, “you and I…” I nodded. I’d known the moment I laid eyes on him what we could have. This man had sparked my very soul.


Tedee Tympo

"It was as if he were exploring me like a pleasure map."

Dean Silver

"My body was no longer mine to control. I was his puppet. With every thrust of his fingers, I felt myself lift higher off the bed. His tongue ravished my clit as wave after wave of the most intense orgasms of my life rushed through my body. I’d gone crazy; toe curling, head thrashing, screaming mad."