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Are you a Divine Feminine?

Do you have a Divine Masculine?

Do you believe you will one day be together? 

Above all else... How sure are you?


With The Twin Flame Reunion Toolkit, you can be 1000% sure!

Born under the energies of the powerful 2.22.22 portal, the Toolkit includes three separate assessments. Completing the assessments is simple: answer the survey questions, calculate your score, then review your results.

The assessments were designed for extended and repeated use, meaning you can take them as often as you need to. Our coaches recommend you complete them once per month as things change, and then use them as needed once you have found your balance.

Order your Toolkit to receive all three tools: the DM Identifier Assessment, the DF Authentication Assessment, and the TF Reunion Timeline Assessment.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a generalized twin flame 'test'. If you have taken online tests in the past, you may be expecting a more esoteric approach. Keep in mind, an esoteric question usually yields an esoteric answer.

The ASCENT assessments are about real world integration of heavy spiritual concepts, so be prepared for real world implications when using your Toolkit.

It's about time you gained some clarity on this journey.

Order your Toolkit today!



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Description of Services

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The Complete TF Journey Toolkit: includes the DM Identifier Assessment, the DF Authentication Assessment, and the TF Reunion Timeline Assessment workbooks.

TF Reunion Timeline Assessment: includes the TF Reunion Timeline Assessment workbook.

DM Identifier Assessment: includes the DM Identifier Assessment workbook.

DF Authentication Assessment: includes the DF Authentication Assessment workbook.


Exposing "Twin Flame Tests": a short video explaining why this Toolkit is worth far more than a free 'test' online. A great choice for anyone trying to decide if the Toolkit is right for them. (And an even better choice for anyone seeking the truth about Twin Flames.)


Reunion Timeline Reading: an in-depth reading that explores the reunion timeline to provide clarity about your results.

DM Identifier Reading: an in-depth reading that explores the divine masculine awakening to provide clarity about your results.

DF Authentication Reading: an in-depth reading that explores divine femininity to provide clarity about your results.


Personalized Assessment Analysis: Need more clarity on your results? Send your coach the results of your assessment(s) and receive a personalized analysis and coaching worksheet tailored to your current situation. Not looking for a worksheet? Order the scorecard instead!



Follow-Up Phone Call: a 90 minute session available to any clients who have purchased and completed at least one assessment in the toolkit. Review your results with a coach who understands!




Calls and LIVE sessions take place on Tuesday's and Thursday's (Eastern Standard Time). Clients must provide an email address at checkout in order to book their session. Contact for booking details; clients are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.