Creator Course: Channel Mastery

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Ready to start your YouTube Channel? Having trouble creating a professional presence as a Creator? It's time for you to Master YouTube!

These courses are specially designed to give you the wisdom and knowledge needed to launch, grow, and monetize your YouTube channel. Better still, Intuitive Life Strategist Fiery Grace, the mba will provide you with all you need for your channel as well as coaching and tips for building your online business and creating multiple streams of income. 

You'll learn how to: create an account; build your channel; upload, record, and edit through the internal YouTube system; create descriptions and tag for algorithm and search engine optimization; navigate the computer studio, studio app, and user app; monetize your channel; and more!

Choose the standard 6-module course or select individual courses to complete them one at a time.



Calls and LIVE sessions take place on Tuesday's and Thursday's (Eastern Standard Time). Clients must provide an email address at checkout in order to book their session. Contact for booking details; clients are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.