Smitty and the No Good, Very Bad Day

I stood quietly in the kitchen when you arrived, knowing what to expect. I hadn’t heard from you all day; that only happened when you had nothing nice to say.

Starting slowly towards the doorway, I listened intently to the sounds of your settling in: the closet door swinging open, hangers sliding as you returned your jacket, your shoes hitting the floor with a thud before being swiped up into your hands…

I stepped into your path just as you were about to pass me, purposely blocking your way. You stopped abruptly and peered down at me, the menacing look on your face indicating an especially black mood.

“Hey,” was all you grumbled out, before slipping past me towards the stairs.

I rolled my eyes and stepped back into the kitchen.

It wasn’t long before I heard you settle in on the couch. I wiped the grin off my face as I rounded the corner, but your scowl proved the humor hadn’t left my eyes. Eyes narrowing slightly, you gave me a murderous glare that said “Not today,” before returning your gaze to the television.

I smiled internally. Challenge accepted.

Strolling towards you slowly, I lifted the hem of my skirt by the slit at my thigh and sat next to you. Right next to you. You ignored me for a moment, but when I tossed my leg over your lap, you threw another lethal glance my way.

“Don’t start,” you muttered irritably.

I lowered my eyes, feigning sadness to hide the glint of delight. I took a deep breath before pouncing.

You sighed, loudly, as I wedged my leg between your back and the couch, wrapping myself around you like a spider monkey. But there was no turning back; I’d fully committed.

“Let me make you feel better, love,” I whispered breathily into your ear, my lips grazing the lobe with every word.

You tried shrugging me off, but only succeeded in leaning away slightly. I could feel your frustration growing with me. I knew today probably wasn’t the day, but hoped you would forget once I gained your approval.

“Not in the mood,” you mumbled, still pulling away.

I moved in closer and started kissing your neck, lightly at first, planting sweet little kisses between my simple request.

“Just let me kiss it?”

My hands were roaming, rubbing up and down your chest and shoulders. I draped my arms around your neck again and kissed your cheek, slowly making my way towards your mouth.

I stopped and whispered against your lips, “Just the tip, baby?”

Kissing you deeply, I slid my hands down to your shorts. I was delighted to find you had already started to thicken at my touch. I smiled when I felt your tongue thrust into my mouth briefly, as if you’d forgotten yourself for an instant. I kissed my way back to your ear, flicking my tongue inside and whispering my plea.

I slid my hands into your shorts. “Say yes,” I begged, sliding my hand up and down the length of your growing shaft.

You groaned when you felt my tongue in your ear, as I swirled precum around your head with my thumb.

“Yes,” you gritted out softly, your eyes closed under furrowed brows.

I climbed  into your lap and started grinding my hips into yours; grabbing your hands, I slid them down to grip my ass cheeks. I pulled the top of my sundress open and squeezed my breasts together, pushing them into your face. Moaning as you licked at my nipples, I leaned forward to help. When your eyes locked with mine, I forgot myself for a moment and kissed you soundly.

Shaking my head, I climbed off your lap and onto my hands and knees beside you on the couch. Angling my ass as close to you as possible, I pulled my dress off and dropped it onto the floor before sliding your hand up to my pussy. You sighed when you felt I was already soaking wet.

My hands were on your waistband, pulling your shorts down slowly as my tongue slid between it and your skin. You lifted your hips a little and I found what I was looking for.

Head still in your lap, I began planting kisses everywhere my lips could reach. By the time I reached your sac, I licked each ball slowly before gently suckling it into my warm mouth. I moaned a few times as I felt your fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, listening as it talked to you already.

Kissing my way along your shaft, I started to lick and suck, swirling my tongue this way and that as I made my way to your head. I licked the underside of your head like a lollipop, sucking every so often and massaging your balls in rhythm.

I smiled when I heard a soft groan as I took your head into my mouth. I bobbed my head around slowly, getting it wet and making magic with my tongue. I moaned again when I felt your finger flicking across my clit.

Lowering my head inch by inch, I took you in as deep as I could manage. By the time I made it to the base, I needed a moment to rest with you in my throat. Sticking my tongue out, I tried to reach your balls, but I choked a little. Lifting and dropping my head a few more times, I gripped the base of your balls and shaft and tried again. You groaned as I found success, licking your sac with you in my throat.

Coming back up, I began to tease you: dropping my head only an inch or two, sometimes even taking your dick out of my mouth completely, before dropping it all the way to the base. I choked on it on purpose a few times, knowing just what it would do to you. I finally gave in – gave you all I had, mouth nearly foaming as I choked on you again and again.

I stopped and jumped off of the couch, grabbing my dress and wiping my face with it. Bending over in front of you, I spread my cheeks and lips and wiggled for you. I pressed my fingers into my pussy and  moaned when I felt you smack my ass.

Pushing your knees a little wider, I lowered myself onto you, steadying myself with my hands on your thighs. I lifted and lowered my hips, trying to open up to receive you more quickly. Once I felt you all the way inside, I melted down into your lap and slowly rotated my hips.

Placing my hands on my knees, I started to ride you, squeezing my pussy as I came up, grinding in circles every time I dropped it down. Just as I found my rhythm, I felt your hands grab my ass.

Smiling, I started to bounce and pop my ass cheeks. I reached forward and played with my clit, moaning now as I rolled my hips. You were harder than ever; I dropped it a few more times before leaning back onto your chest.

“I need you to stand up,” I said softly as I grabbed your hands, still grinding into you. I put one on my chest and slid the other between my thighs. “I need you to fuck my mouth.”

You dropped your head onto my shoulder with a groan.

“Please, baby,” I begged, squeezing your hand onto my breast. “Please?”

Leaning forward, I quickly jumped up and turned around to pull you to your feet. As I dropped to my knees, I raked your hands into my hair and swallowed you whole, enjoying the taste of my own juices.

I reached down and pinched my nipples, moaning as I waited for you. Sticking my tongue out, I moved stiffly between your dick and my lower lip, trying to reach your balls once again. Looking up, I saw your chin tilted as you searched the ceiling.

Pulling back, I frowned. “Fuck my face,” I pouted before slurping you back into my mouth.

You groaned when I reached up and grabbed your hips, starting the motion myself. I smiled inside when I felt you hit the back of my throat with more force, choking a bit.

“Mmmmhmmm,” I moaned out as I felt you stroke in and out, your hands gripping my hair more tightly.

I gazed up to find you watching me intensely now, your eyes narrowing as they met mine. Reaching down I began to play with my pussy once more; I knew you could hear her squirting when I felt your pace quicken. I moaned between each gag, trying to push myself to the edge. But when I felt your hands reposition around my head and jaw, I relaxed my throat and focused on the task at hand.

Finally, I thought happily as you began to fuck my throat with abandon.

The first grunt came and I felt your dick throbbing in my throat. My mouth was foaming now, the excess liquid dripping down onto my thighs. You were ravaging my lips so hard I could barely stand it, but I moaned just thinking about the taste of you.

Your dick stiffened and with another grunt, you lost yourself. The sound of the TV was drawn out by your heavy breathing, my moans, and your dick slamming into me as I choked.

Yes, was all I could think, my mouth tired but ready for all you had to give.

The first shot hit the back of my throat and I moaned happily, slurping and swallowing as I regained control and forced you all the way into my mouth. The feeling of you jumping inside my mouth from your release brought a fresh deluge of moisture to my pussy.

Wrapping my arms around your waist, I pushed you back against the couch, falling with you without letting you leave my mouth. I grabbed the base of your dick and went to work, refusing to give up until I knew I’d gotten every last drop.

Your hands were in my hair, watching me intently as I cleaned you up. At first you were deep in my mouth, but I slowly pulled away as I felt your sensitivity increase and lapped at your head like a kitten searching for milk. Up and down I licked like this, cleaning you up the best I could. When I knew you couldn’t take it anymore, I kissed my way up and down your head and shaft, softly sucking your head into my mouth for a moment here and there.

Looking up at you once again, I checked to see if my job was done. I was delighted to see a glint of humor in your eyes as you gazed down at me silently.

Smiling, I stood and sauntered away, smacking my own ass as I felt you follow me with your eyes.

I heard you chuckle softly as I entered the kitchen to grab your plate.

Returning to hand you your sandwich and a beer, I cuddled up next to you naked and slid your shorts up for you. I smiled again and kissed you on the cheek.

“How was your day, love?”