The Road to Reunion Course

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The Reunion Journey can be challenging, especially if we have to go it alone. With the Road to Reunion coaching coursework, divine feminine counterparts will receive the knowledge they need to make their way with peace, love, and light. 

Having trouble creating the atmosphere of reunion in your vibrational field? Ready to gain the wisdom you've been searching for all along? When you feel called to these courses, reconciliation is imminent! 

These courses are specially designed to help you shed the heavy energies of separation, enhance your relationship and communication with your counterpart, and provide tailored, invaluable tools to get you through it all.

Better still, Intuitive Life Strategist and divine feminine guide, Fiery Grace, the gifted, has joined forces with her divine masculine, Mr. LightWork, the enlighteneDM, to bring you clarity about your DM, from a real DM.


The Road to Reunion Coaching Series Schedule

Week 1: ReKindling the Flame to Light Your Path

Week 2: ReSolving the Issues of Your Separation

Week 3: ReViving the Joy in Your Heart

Week 4: ReVolution! Enlarging Your Vision

Week 5: ReIgnition! Activating Your Mission


You'll learn how to initiate and maintain contact with your counterpart, identify and grow your lightworker ministry, and become the divine feminine powerhouse you were born to be!


There are several options available. Choose from the following:

  • The standard 33-module course
  • One of the 5 weeklong courses
  • Choose modules to create your own mini-course or crash course
  • Select individual modules to complete them one at a time




Calls and LIVE sessions take place on Tuesday's and Thursday's (Eastern Standard Time). Clients must provide an email address at checkout in order to book their session. Contact for booking details; clients are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.