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The ASCENT Coaching programs include:

One 60-minute Consultation Call

Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions with Grace

Program-focused accountability activities

One 60-minute Strategy Call




Partnership Coaching Programs

Improve Our Mental Wellbeing [4 Weeks]

Understand Our Reunion Journey Timeline [4 Weeks]
Discern the True Divine Masculine in Separation [4 Weeks]
Address Imposter Syndrome in the Divine Feminine [4 Weeks]

Resolve the Deeper Issues of Separation [8 Weeks]

Integrate the Divine Connection [16 Weeks]

Master the Reunion Journey [20 Weeks]




If you have questions about a program, email Grace at Due to the number of lengthy emails we receive each day, longer messages are set aside for later. If you have a quick question and need a quick answer, keep your email brief (i.e. one to three sentences). 


Disclaimer & Refund Policy

Clients are subject to the ASCENT User Agreement. There are no refunds for coaching programs. If you have any questions, contact your coach prior to purchasing.




Fiery Grace is accepting new coaching clients. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this opportunity:
Do I qualify to receive coaching from Fiery Grace?
Long term coaching clients are excited to learn what it takes to level up their life. Clients are 18 and older, or have a parent or guardian who is ready to make the investment in their future. Clients will not second-guess or suffer pain with regards to any required fees, as they are in a place to make an investment in their future in the here and now.
Clients are in a stable (or nearly stable) position and will have the ability to complete coaching activities with little to no life interference. Clients are responsible, hold themselves accountable, and are willing to take action. Clients are willing to go deeper to find their truth and are able to be flexible with coaching strategies.
The most important trait of a coaching client? Be coachable!
What is included in my coaching program?
Every coaching program is uniquely designed to meet the client's needs. Coaching sessions take place via phone, and other communication will occur via email.
Weekly phone calls are 45 minutes each for 4 week programs, and 30 minutes each for 8, 12, 16, and 20 week programs. Additionally, each program includes a 60-minute consultation and a 60-minute exit strategy session.
Fiery Grace is equipped to provide clients with assistance in: spiritual and emotional growth, relationships and intimacy, collegiate and career advancement, professionalism and soft skills, financial planning, time management, health and physical well-being, mental health, organization, and more. 
What is NOT included in my coaching program?
Participation in a coaching program does not give the client unlimited access to Fiery Grace. All communication and contact will be scheduled and agreed upon during the initial consultation. Tarot is not included in any coaching contract.