the gifted


Fiery Grace, the gifted    |    Intuitive Life Strategist 

prophetesshigh priestess, empathintuitive guide, and counselor providing peacelove, and light for your journey.

This powerful coach has worked with a variety of diverse clients groups from all walks of life. No matter who or where you are on the globe, there is an opportunity for you to find deeper answers within.

Coaching opportunities are available for those in serious need of an overhaul on their union journey or any divine being seeking radical ascension. Reading offerings include single-card spreads for quick answers, tailored personal readings, and live sessions. Prerecorded video sessions, live chat sessions, and phone sessions make it easy for anyone to connect. 

Check out her available services to purchase readings and coaching, or contact Fiery Grace, the gifted to learn more about tailored service options.

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Every day of the journey offers opportunities to gain new wisdom, raise our vibration, and use our gifts to create a beautiful reality. Fiery Grace, the gifted is here to provide a powerful guiding light as you ascend the higher path to the life of your dreams.

Whether you are a seasoned lightworker or are only just getting started with your life's work, this podcast will guide you in your gifting, keep you empowered, and help you find victory on the mission.