Josh Sannone

My spidey-senses were tingling – I could feel it in my nipples.

Someone had been watching me all night. From my usual position by the back door, it was impossible to locate the perpetrator; it didn’t matter, I could feel them.

I slid the bartender a five. “Thank you, love.”

Pushing away from the bar, I walked back towards the outer edge of the room, my head on a swivel. I’d had two shots of Grand Ma tonight instead of my usual one, but I knew it wasn’t simply paranoia. Attempting to shake it off once more, I posted up against the frame of the door and focused my attention on the performer.

I was surprised to hear a few minutes later that she was the last of the night. My watch read only 1:07 AM. Sighing, I stood and stretched as I waited for a chance to slip out the door with the crowd.

“Well, well, well…”

Inhaling sharply, I froze. My eyes widened at the feeling of my nipples poking against my bra; they had gone hard at the sound of his voice. If I hadn’t run into him a few weeks before, I would not have known it was Mr. Josh Sannone.

I unhurriedly turned to face him and gave him a wry smile.


He reached forward to grab my hand and brushed his lips across my knuckles.

All I could do was stare. The years had been good to him, too good really. Truly, he was my ideal type in nearly every way: the look, the mind, the energy. I mean, I’d always thought him fine… but the last time I’d seen him it had dawned on me that we’d never actually stood next to each other. That night, it was as if I only just noticed him for the first time; like how he had the mass and muscle to envelop and engulf me in his powerful arms.

He rubbed his hand up and down my shoulder. “Got something for you in the car.”

Nodding, I followed him out.

I chuckled to myself remembering how boldly I’d flirted with him at work all those years ago. The women at the agency had coveted him, and it had given me such a thrill to see him walk towards me each morning. We were assholes to each other, so the ladies were only a little jealous. Still, it was agonizing for me, especially considering our secret dealings. He wasn’t touching my body but damned if he didn’t fuck my brain at least a few times a week.

I smiled. Our instant messages had eventually gotten me fired, as the company messenger application was not private. But I was the one who had pushed the limits, my conversation brimming with innuendo and fantasy.

“For the lady…”

I reached out and took the disc from him, grinning. “Another mix, eh?”

What had he said last time, when I’d brought up the mixed CD he’d made for me all those years ago?

“So you know how deep it was…”

Yes, I remembered just how deep it was. Our first connection had been sarcasm; but behind the quips and wit was an understanding I hadn’t since felt. We were both mixed, attractive, eclectic, artists… and complete fucking savages.

“Listen, I know it’s short notice – but I need you.”

My eyes perked up to meet his.

“I’m wrapping up a track with Mike; I need a female to interact with in the background.”

Biting my lip, I looked at my phone to check the time.

“Shouldn’t take more than an hour,” he said hopefully, leaning down to catch my eye once more.

I stared at him for a beat. This was such a bad idea.

“Let’s do it.”


His kiss overwhelmed me. That’s what memory came to mind as I had followed him the short distance to the studio.

How long had it been now? Five or six years?

Months after I was terminated, we linked up – though I couldn’t recall why. Perhaps to smoke? It slipped my mind if he did…

Nevertheless, I could see us there in the dark. We were sitting in my car and for the first time there wasn’t a desk between us. I remember his scent; gracious, he always did smell good. And I remember him grabbing me – he was so rough. And his kiss shocked every sense I had. It’s like… He smelled good. He tasted good. His lips were soft. But I could feel he was completely out of control. And I was terrified.

I shivered. The thought of this man losing himself in me was no longer a fearful sentiment. I was soaking wet. This is what he did to me, even all these years later.

I shouldn’t be doing this, I groaned to myself.

But it was too late. I was standing outside the door of the booth as he finished setting up the track at the production desk. In a moment, we would be closed in the space together – imitating sounds of lovemaking, no less.

Josh had been calm and in control since I’d agreed to this, and he hadn’t made a single move. In fact, his energy felt calm – nothing like the raw passion I had become so used to in our interactions. And it was sexy, how focused he seemed on his work.

I felt my pussy throb, a fresh deluge of moisture seeping out onto my thighs. My panties had been so wet by the time I arrived at the studio that I’d taken them off and left them in the car.

Great plan, I thought irritably as I shifted in place, thighs slippery.


I nodded and stepped into the booth, my eyes quickly adjusting to the dim red light. Josh closed the door behind us and repositioned the mic. Firmly grabbing my shoulders, he placed me against the wall, fiddling with the microphone screen until he was satisfied.

“We’re recording.”

Nodding, I replied, “I figured.”

Lucky for me, I chose that moment to look him in the eye. It was the only warning I’d have for what was to come, for in it I saw a fire blazing that would bring the average woman to her knees. Years ago I had run scared; tonight, he would be mine.

I was pinned to the wall and I didn’t dare fight back. There was no doubting the strength of this man, every part of him thick and strapping. He was kissing me with so much force; all I could do was allow him to ravish me, tongue fuck me as I lost my senses. I felt myself falling and I realized I had forgotten to breathe.

Josh didn’t stop his onslaught, but rather moved his way down my neck. His lips were as soft as I remembered, they almost didn’t feel real. His arm was wrapped around my waist to keep me in place, but his free hand had embarked on a journey across uncharted territory.

He was moaning into me now, but I knew it wasn’t for the track. I felt him pressing himself into my thigh and I moaned back. It was as if this was the release of seven years of frustration, of wanting me. There was no turning back.

When Josh dropped to his knees, I squeezed my legs shut in sheer panic. I could feel it; my thighs were covered in my sticky juices. My skirt had ridden up enough that I only had to open my knees for him to access my treasure trove, but I wouldn’t.

I watched as he leaned forward and stared at my thighs for a moment, brows furrowed. His hand reached up and swiped at the glistening honey. His eyes widened when he saw the liquid string up between his fingers and my skin. He licked his lips and shook his head, groaning as he rested his forehead there for a moment.

My knees buckled when I felt him start licking my thighs clean, moaning at the delectable flavor of my sweetness on his taste buds. He had started with little flicks, but he was using the entire flat of his tongue by the time he reached the lips of my pussy. Burying his face deeper, I cried out in delight when I felt his tongue inside me.

I lifted my leg in an effort to feel more of him; he grabbed my calf and threw it onto his shoulder as he continued to taste me. Reaching down, I placed my hands on the back of his head, bucking my hips in rhythm. I was watching him now, staring into his eyes as I fucked his face. My stomach turned over again and again as I writhed against his bearded lips.

He dipped his other shoulder under my other leg, suspending me in the air with only the wall of the booth supporting me on his shoulders. He had taken away my leverage, so I squeezed my thighs against his head and held the back of it more firmly, still grinding my pussy into his face. His hands wrapped around me, one pressing at the small of my back, the other sliding into the crack of my ass. I shouted when I felt his thumb pressing against my asshole.

Josh was licking my pussy all over now, though he had yet to touch my clit. I was fighting him, craving to know the feeling of coming on his powerful tongue, but I was no match for his strength. His tongue was pressing up and down just above my hood; just as I thought he would finally bless me, he released me.

I stood there in a daze, leaning against the wall. But within seconds, he had returned to press two fingers into my pussy and one into my ass. His tongue gently grazed my clit and my knees buckled. I felt his forearm press against my ribcage just as he attacked my clit; my body jerked forward, and I was grateful for his support as I squirmed against his thrashing tongue.

“Fuck!” I screamed. “I’m coming!”

Josh started sucking my clit the moment I came. Unable to help myself, I stared down into his eyes. I was almost in tears, moaning and groaning as I wildly rode his face, popping my pussy into his pursed lips.

My breath was ragged when I finally slowed my pace. I bit my lower lip, eyes still locked with his as I watched him begin to lick me clean. I rubbed my clit up to his nose and down to his chin, smiling as he forced his tongue inside my box.

He was no man, but a beast.

He stood so quickly I instinctively closed my eyes. His hands were on me again turning me to face the wall, and then I felt the heat of him pressing against the length of me.

“I had a feeling I would love the taste of you,” he muttered.

Goosebumps spread across my body in waves with every word whispered. He was unbuckling his pants now, nibbling on my shoulder.

“I’ve dreamed of you,” he whispered before sliding his tongue into my ear.

I moaned into the wall as I felt his hand reach around front and slide between my thighs. He pulled my hips back off the wall and pressed his fullness against my puffy lips. Reaching back with one hand, I pulled them apart and raised myself up onto my toes to receive him.

“Shit,” I barely gritted out as I felt him enter me.

I should have known he would be thick, having arms and legs like tree trunks. I should have known he would fill me, fit me perfectly like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. I should have known.

He hadn’t even started moving yet, was still slowly sliding into me. I was holding onto the wall of the booth for support, lost in the feeling. I was on fire, could feel the heat radiating from below. And I could tell he felt it too.

Pushing my hips back and giving them a wiggle, I tried to help him find his way deeper. But Josh pulled away, likely attempting to savor the feeling of slowly being sucked in and swallowed whole. I couldn’t stop myself, though; he was throbbing inside me, pumping against my walls. But just as I thought to throw it back one last time, I felt him slam into me.

“Yes!” I cried out, relishing in the fullness within.

He grabbed my arms and pinned me to the wall. “You feel,” he gritted out between short, deep strokes, “fucking unbelievable.” His tongue was traveling along my hairline, around and inside my ear, and down my neck. “I’ve waited so long.”

His hands dove under my shirt and pushed up towards my breasts, sliding my bra up and out of the way. He pinched my nipples and bit my neck, grinding into me all the while. My hands were still up on the wall helping me maintain balance on my toes.

Josh slammed into me a few more times and growled before stepping back. Turning me to face him once more, he entered me quickly and lifted me onto his hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and locked my legs tightly around his waist. My mouth opened in shock as I felt him, every inch of him, crashing into me like a brick wall. His mouth covered mine as his hands combed into my hair and rubbed my scalp.

“You’re everything I imagined you’d be,” he murmured onto my lips as he gazed into my eyes. “Everything and more.”

I felt him slow his pace and slam into me once more before he began rocking side to side.

“Oh, shit,” I groaned into his mouth.

“Years,” he groaned back before sucking my tongue into his mouth. “Years.”

His hand reached down behind me and cupped my ass cheek. He bounced me up higher onto his hips, causing him to go deeper inside me. I felt myself squirt onto his dick.

Kissing me intensely, he groaned out, “You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

I was in such a daze I only noticed his finger when it slid into my ass.

“Fuck,” I screamed, burying my face into his neck.

It was over – there was nothing I could do. He was fucking my violently against the wall, his finger in my ass causing involuntary spasms in my pussy. I was coming before I even realized it, unconsciously rocking my hips and bouncing onto his dick. My pussy and ass were quaking and pulsating and I could feel my juices dripping down my ass cheeks.

“Fucking gorgeous.”

I lifted my lids to gaze out at him. His own lids were heavy, but he was watching me intently as he continued stroking. He had removed his finger and was now cupping both my ass cheeks. I giggled when I felt another squirt; he groaned and his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure.

It was my turn to watch him, to bring him to new heights. But pinned to the wall and suspended in midair as I was, I felt limited in my options. I smiled. The most powerful weapon in my arsenal was available and it always worked in my favor.

Pulling his face to mine, I kissed him leisurely, sucking and biting on his lips and tongue. I felt his dick jump within me and smiled at him. He was staring at me attentively as if he could sense my new keen awareness. After a few moments, I stared into his eyes and squeezed my walls around him each time he slid into me. I let him get used to the feeling for a few strokes and then switched it up, pushing down on him as he slid out.

He groaned loudly and buried his face in my hair. I wrapped my arms more tightly around his neck and massaged the top of his head, kissing wherever my lips could reach. But my main focus was throwing it at him like a woman possessed while delivering the feeling of three different pussies.

Josh was unhinged, fucking me with everything he had left. I knew I had to deliver, had to give this man the energy I’d reserved for him all those years ago. I didn’t stop, even when he released my hips. I didn’t stop, even when I heard him calling on God. Clinging to him in midair, I fucked him until I couldn’t breathe anymore, crushed by the weight of him pinning me to the wall of the booth.

Josh tilted his head back for a moment to stare at me. I thought he would put me down, but instead he hoisted me further up on his hips. He was still rock hard, throbbing inside me. And then he was kissing me again, with no less passion, swaying back and forth.

“I always knew,” he said between kisses, “you and I…”

I nodded. I’d known the moment I laid eyes on him what we could have. This man had sparked my very soul.

He was leaning into me again, face buried in the crook of my neck. I nestled my lips just below his jaw and began to kiss him sweetly.


I wanted him again already, and he was still inside me. I sighed.

“Down, please?” I asked quietly.

He didn’t budge.

I licked his neck and started towards his earlobe. I giggled when I felt him jump inside me again. Wiggling my hips and licking my way around his lobe, I whispered, “Again?”

He groaned and kissed me, reluctantly lifting me off of him. I smiled when he exhaled sharply as I squeezed to lock him in and then pushed him out.

I held onto his neck as he put me down, taking the time to regain the feeling in my legs. He was kissing me again, crushing me to him in an embrace that left me spinning.

“I just want to be inside you,” he said tenderly, planting light kisses across my cheeks and forehead.

I tightened my grip around his neck, feeling unusually comfortable in the diminutive booth. “I want you inside me,” I said pleasantly.

Why hadn’t I enjoyed the wonder of this man before?

After a few more stolen moments, we finally emerged from the booth. When Josh approached the desk to stop the recording, it dawned on me that in a way I’d just had sex on tape. I giggled, wondering if he would actually use any of the audio.

“Hey, baby.”

I was so lost in thought that I missed his phone ringing. But the greeting had registered fully.

“We’re just finishing up some things now, I should be home soon.”


That is the only word I could use to describe the feeling at the pit of my being. And when he told her he loved her… my heart was torn asunder.

My face was pale. “Who…” I trailed off.

“My wife,” he said with a smile as he closed the distance between us.

I stumbled back.


Not my lady. Not my baby mother. Not my girlfriend. Not even my fiancée. My wife.

“How long have you been married?”

He hesitated thoughtfully before answering. “Almost twenty five years.”


“Look,” he started in, but I put my hand up.

I shook my head. “Save it.”

He took a step toward me. “Hey, I –”

I let him get close before I cupped my hands behind his neck, tucked my chin and pulled him into a solid headbutt. He was clearly surprised, staggering back a few steps and touching his forehead in pain.

“You were married the whole time?!” I shouted, my voice cracking.

He stepped towards me again, holding up a hand in apology.

But I wasn’t thinking clearly; hell, I wasn’t thinking at all.

My closed fist shot straight out and back, my elbows tight near my body as I prepared to strike again. But I’d heard a crack just as I made contact.

In a moment my set was up, expecting a counter.

He didn’t. He was too busy wiping the blood from his nose, which was likely broken.

I was tempted to kick him squarely in the nuts, but I shook it off. Walking out of the studio and unlocking the front door, I wiped away the single tear that fell from my eye.