The New Wave Prophecy

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In the 1980s, a spiritual shift occurred and an unseen darkness exploded across the planet. The keepers of the light were cut off from the next generation, tasked with holding up the remaining pillars until the next activation. 

In 2020, the next generation of sacred partners completed their activation - but there was a catch. The pillars had fallen several years prior and resources were low. Without the loving light of the previous keepers, the new wave was forced to learn the hard way. 

Our initial video will introduce the New Wave Prophecy to the collective for the first time, mapping out larger cycles from 2016 to 2057. (If you did not enter union prior to 1980, there is a strong chance you are a part of this new wave.)

If August of 2017 holds significance in your life, trust that you are not alone on this path. April of 2024 will mark the beginning of the next seven year cycle - are you ready for a paradigm shift and a new home? Order the Introductory video and prepare to take notes. The New Wave has arrived.







Course Catalogue  


Intro to NWP 101
Introduction to the New Wave Prophecy


NWP Teachings - No. 001
The DM in Opposition: 2017 to 2023 Review

NWP Teachings - No. 002
The DM in Alignment: 2024 to 2030 Predictions

NWP Teachings - No. 003
The Moon & The New Wave in 2024: Shifting into a New Energy

Astrology Series

NWP Astrology Series - Module 1A
Exploring Cycles: Astrology & The Past Generational Waves

NWP Astrology Series - Module 1B
Exploring Cycles: The Present Generational Waves

NWP Astrology Series - Module 2A
Charting our Destiny: Our Wave Birth Chart

NWP Astrology Series - Module 2B 
Charting our Destiny: Our Wave Separation Strategy

NWP Astrology Series - Module 3A
The Life and Times of the New Wave: Our Wave Lifetime

NWP Astrology Series - Module 3B 
The 8 Seasons of Every Wave: Lifetime Overview