Ascension Spiritual Coaching

Welcome to Ascension Spiritual Coaching Enterprises (ASCENT).
This powerful ministry serves lightworkers around the globe, specializing in project-based growth strategies and crisis intervention. 

Through your sponsorship, the ASCENT Team is able to provide free coaching and online content in support of our global lightworker initiative.

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Ascension Spiritual Coaching
  ASCENT Coaching Plans offer clients the opportunity to connect with powerful coaches, receive specialized assistance, and enjoy a personalized growth and learning approach. Whether you are in need of an overhaul in your personal life, a spiritual makeover, or a personal or business project manager, ASCENT has a plan for you!
Jade: Ascension Levels 9, 10, 11
Did you know ASCENT is a Twin Flame Ministry? Our coaches are uniquely equipped to provide peace, love, and light for your Twin Flame Journey!

Our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine coaches are blissfully reunited counterparts - and firm believers in reunion THIS LIFETIME. Whether you are struggling with aspects of your relationship or your lightworker mission, there is a coaching plan for you!

Intuitive strategies provided by Fiery Grace, the gifted.

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Emerald: Ascension Levels 6, 7, 8

Does your lifestyle project require additional resources? Has your journey been especially challenging or confusing? Is your spiritual abundance having trouble manifesting in the physical? Let Grace guide you!

Emerald Coaching Plans will provide clients with an expert advisor and trained counselor, as well as a powerful journey revisioning toolkit for Twin Flame counterparts. Intuitive strategies provided by Fiery Grace, the gifted.

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Turquoise: Ascension Levels 3, 4, 5

Are you ready to make the changes necessary to get your life, relationships, or business on track - but stuck on HOW? Let Grace guide you!

Turquoise Coaching Plans will provide clients with a consultant and coach for personal and business projects. Small business startup and online launch strategies provided by Fiery Grace, the mba.

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Sapphire: Ascension Level 2

Do you have a BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOAL in need of a powerful project manager? Look no further - Grace has got your back!

Makeover your life, your home, or your business - or complete that project you've been avoiding - with the comforting professionalism of an ASCENT Coach by your side. 

Sapphire and Amethyst Project Plans provide clients with an Executive Concierge, Project Manager, and Spiritual Advisor when and where they need it most. Why walk alone - when you can fly with ASCENT? Project Management, Advising, and Execution provided by Fiery Grace, the mba.

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Amethyst: Ascension Level 1




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