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Fiery Grace, the muse    |    Expressive Creator

A poet, vocalist, performercomedian, and host providing inspiration, entertainment, and powerful revelation through her creative expression. 

Fiery Grace, the muse is an expressive in thought and vocal form. From poetry and music to comedy and public speaking, this passionate orator delivers with a powerful energy that touches the depths of the soul.

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Fiery Grace, the muse

Hosting, Performing &
Out On The Scene!


Performing Erotic Poetry at Smoken Words, Tampa

Hosting the "Cash Money" release party at The Study, Hollywood, California

Hosting HipRotica on 7th Avenue in Ybor City, Tampa

Performing Country Song "Jolene" at Smoken Words, Tampa


Hosting HipRotica at MacDinton's in SoHo, Tampa

Empowering the crowd with a special Public Service Announcement
at Smoken Words, Tampa

Hosting HipRotica at Soul Surrender in St. Petersburg, Florida

Performing "F&@^*&G Facts!" at Smoken Words, Tampa

Hosting HipRotica LIVE! at Smoken Words, Tampa
(Novacane, DJ iRock, and Armani Sounds)

Performing Hip-Hop at Smoken Words, Tampa

That's a wrap! Posing after The Dre D Show on WTAN Clearwater
(Dre D of The Dre D Show & Peter Blake of The Sports Web)





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