Tedee Tympo


He looked back at me over his shoulder as we walked out the door.

“What made you hit me up after all this time?”

I don’t know what made me ask the question. We’d had such a nice time already, better than I’d expected in fact. Of course I had to sabotage it.

After another moment he cleared his throat. “I guess I just had a lot going on,” he mumbled out, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably.

“Well,” I started with a toothy grin, “I’m glad you found a way to make some time for me.”

“Of course, Ms. Fiery.”

I bit my lip. “Okay, another question.”

His eyes darkened slightly, but he lifted his brow in question.

“Have you been high this whole time?”

I couldn’t read his face; he seemed to smile and frown in the same beat. “Is that a problem?”

My eyes narrowed. “Uh, yeah.” I laughed. “I wish I’d known earlier; I’ve been slightly irritated this whole time knowing I could have been on your level.”

He let out a sharp bark of laughter. “Well, well, well…”

“You wan’ burn?” I asked cheekily.

He nodded, picking up his pace. “Got a clip in the car.”


I don’t know exactly how we got here.

We’d met up at Al Lopez Park around the corner from the café and made quick work of the small roach Tedee had pulled out of his ash tray. After talking for another half hour or so, I mentioned my own stash at the house just down the way.

It had been a good time. He was surprisingly deep, and the kindness in his eyes slowly seeped into our interactions in spite of his somewhat off-putting demeanor. There was definitely a vibe but I was still having trouble making sense of him one way or the other.

But now we were face to face, nearly touching… and the awkward tension was palpable.

“I – I misunderstood,” he coughed out lightly, clearing his throat. “Maybe I should go.”

My hand was still on his chest. It had shot up instinctively when I felt him step toward me a moment ago. I took a step back and sighed, wringing my hands and suddenly feeling very warm.

“No,” I finally responded, dropping and shaking my head. “You just… surprised me is all.”

It had been hours since we arrived, and not once had he made a move. Oh, we’d done the slow dance of a new relationship: learning each other, drifting in and out of each other’s space to test the waters. But we had yet to make physical contact apurpose, yet to do much more than stare a moment too long or allow an inadvertent touch to linger.

What was it I said?

Would you like some dessert?

It had been completely innocent. I mean, I’m no stranger to innuendo, but really… I was having a devilish time trying to figure this man out – the last thing I’d do is brazenly offer him sex.

My eyes shot up to his. It had hit me just then, making me much more aware of the meaning behind his advances. I no longer had to question it: he wanted me, too.

I smiled brightly, even broader when I watched his eyes twinkle at the sight of it.

“I just rolled up. Sit down, Tedee – it’s all good.”

He searched my eyes for a moment before giving me a small smile and shaking his head. I groaned inwardly as I watched him walk away, feeling a new tension in the air.

I grabbed the joint and the ashtray and made my way towards the couch, tossing the remote his way. I had just sat down when I realized I’d forgotten the lighter; I sighed loudly and looked at the ceiling.

“I got you,” Tedee said smoothly, leaning towards me and flicking his own fire towards my lips.

My eyes narrowed. He was so damned confusing. He hadn’t even been looking my way, had been sitting calmly on the couch scrolling through his phone when I sat down, and yet somehow he had his lighter ready?

Thanks to my gift, I could usually feel most people watching, feel when they were all too aware of me – even feel what they were thinking. But this man? Tedee Tympo was a fucking enigma…

I inhaled deeply, settling further into the couch and attempting to calm my newly frazzled nerves. I looked down at his hands, inspecting them as he leisurely clicked through the channels. They were nice, manly hands: seemingly powerful though not overly large, thick with veins, scars, and tattoos all painting a picture of a storied life. I examined them closely as I handed him the L, watching as his fingers gratuitously grazed my hand. My brow arched in interest as I followed his hand to his lips, only to be startled when his eyes met mine.

I turned away quickly, embarrassed that I’d been caught. I was out of my element. He seemed like the strong silent type – one of my favorite types of mountains to climb –much different from what I expected based on his stage presence. I couldn’t put my finger on it, on him.

His arm came to rest on mine as he handed back the joint; he didn’t remove it once I had taken it. I tried taking a puff, but it was out. Turning to face him, I started to ask for the lighter… but he was still staring at me.

I swallowed as he reached out to take the joint from my hand and put it in the ashtray. His eyes met mine again, and this time I recognized the meaning behind the blaze.

How had we gotten this close?  I wondered, feeling hot and vaguely aware of his hand walking up my thigh.

I took a deep breath, enraptured by his stare. I forced my eyes shut and tried to look away, but I couldn’t help myself. I’d known he was handsome, but this was the first time I had been given a chance to take him in up close. I gazed upon him lingeringly, trying to calm my nerves once more.

I first found myself fixed on his lips. Enshrouded by his thick beard, it was easy to miss the fullness there. Damned if I didn’t want to suck on that bottom lip.  And there was a Patrician element to his overall aesthetic, as if he had come from an ancient royal bloodline long forgotten. Oh, there was a symmetry I found so appealing. The hint of his widow’s peak aligned perfectly with a straight, Greek nose akin to Michaelangelo’s “David”. His kind eyes and soft, pouted lips balanced the harshness of this attribute as it gave him a somewhat haughty air.

I shook my head. Even his features confused me: he was soft, yet hard – muted, yet fierce.

His eyes were on my lips now; I bit my bottom lip and licked it to spite him. But he looked on as if he hadn’t noticed.

I closed my eyes, finding myself teetering between madness and insanity. This man had somehow made me – ME – doubt everything I knew. And damn it, how long had we been sitting like this?

But his hand was at my waist now, gripping at my shirt. Our lips touched before it registered that he had pulled me into him. It was pleasant; he was gentle, moving his head just so and planting small, soft kisses on my lips. I parted my lids slightly to find him gazing at me with dark, brooding eyes.


My confidence faltered and I quickly lowered my head. My eyes flashed back and forth wildly as I sought some explanation; what the hell was wrong with me?

I shook it off and took control, unable to allow him to ruffle my feathers any longer. In one fell swoop, I climbed into his lap and settled onto his legs.

He was frowning up at me now.

Fucking great, I grumbled angrily to myself. I was stupid for forcing this. Shit wasn’t supposed to be this hard, right?

I grabbed the joint and popped it into my mouth, forgetting once again I had no flame. After a moment I met his eyes. He was staring at me again, and I could see laughter there.

I rolled my own. “Tympo? The lighter, please?”

Too casually, he reached into his pocket and handed it to me, watching my face all the while. I lit the L once more and slid the lighter into my back pocket.

Tedee frowned again.

Ugh! I screamed inside, expelling a short burst of air from my nostrils. Exhaling once more, I handed him the joint and stared down at him.

He coolly inhaled and observed me, his expression still impossible to read. I felt myself getting hot with anger, which only irritated me further.

What in the hell is wrong with me?

I shook my head and laughed to keep from crying.

“Fuck it.”

I crossed my arms in front and grabbed the opposite corners of my shirt, pulling it off in one fell swoop. I laughed audibly when his face turned from a frown of confusion to shock. Leaning forward to take the joint, I kissed him softly on each cheek, the tip of his nose, and then squarely on the lips.

“What do you like, Tee?” I asked breathily before leaning back to take another hit.

He cleared his throat, visibly uncomfortable with my shamelessness. “Like?” He cleared his throat again.

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my upper thigh. “Mmm hmmm.”

He stared at my chest, where one of my nipples was dangerously close to spilling out. Grinning at him, I hooked my finger on the cup and pulled it down, freeing the tip. But all that got me was a loud sigh.

“I like all kinds of things,” he started, slowly rubbing his hands up and down my thighs with a great deal of pressure. “But I’m more interested in what you like.”

With his last words he gripped my hips and pulled me closer to him, forcing my knees to spread wider against the back of the couch. He wrapped his arms securely around my back and drew my nipple into his mouth. The sensation was nice, his warm mouth and soft lips making my nipple harden into a little nub. He flicked at it with his tongue and sat back to stare up at me expectantly.

I stared back for a moment before remembering that somehow, I was supposed to be telling him what I liked. How he found it so easy to turn the tables on me was another fucking mystery. I shook my head and reached behind my back to unclasp my bra.

“I like to be kissed… and my neck and ears are very sensitive.”

“Really?” he questioned softly.

I didn’t have a chance to do more than nod. He pulled me to him and kissed me soundly, parting my lips and sliding his tongue along the opening until I groaned into him. His hands went their separate ways, one down to grip my ass cheek, one up to grab my hair. When his lips made their way to the spot just beneath my ear lobe, I damn near lost it. He held me there, kissing, licking and sucking the place where my neck, jaw line, and ear all met.

I was in a trance. I heard someone calling out… and I realized it was me.

I was grinding into him wildly, my hips the only part of my body with the leverage to get closer. He was barely moving, most of his effort going into moving my head into the right position to allow him to peruse my earlobe, neck, and up and down my the side of my jaw at his leisure. It was no coincidence that I felt the dam break just as his teeth sank into my neck.

“You weren’t lying.”

My head shot back so fast I swear I got whiplash. I had been sliding my hips into him slowly and moaning softly, oblivious to the fact that he’d long since ceased his seductive delights and released me from his iron grip.

Groaning, I covered my face in shame. “What?”

I peeked out at him and lowered my hands. He was watching me carefully, as if he were studying me.

“What else do you like?” he queried.

I was breathing hard, cupping my breasts in my hands and staring at his mouth. Did I dare say it?

Fuck it.

“I like your tongue,” I breathed out, cowed at the sight of his eyes darkening. I slid my bra off my chest, down my arms and flung it off the sofa. “A lot.”

“Get up.”

His tone was cold.

I swallowed and felt my eyes flare involuntarily. My heart was racing; I didn’t know if I’d lit a fire in him or doused it.

I pushed myself up using the back of the couch, stepping onto the floor and found my balance in front of him. Somehow I managed to stand proud, pulling myself up to my full height as I gazed down at him with my hands on my hips.

Tedee was expressionless when he grabbed my waist and spun me around. I felt his hands cup my ass cheeks and push them together as he bit each cheek through my pants. Wrapping his arms around my legs as he kissed my cheeks, he walked me backwards until my calves hit the couch. He released me and ran his hands up and down the back of my legs, climbing finally to the small of my back. Slipping his hand in my pocket, he took back his lighter. Then with two fingers, he pulled the center of my waistband down, down, down.

It wasn’t until I felt the warmth of his tongue slide into the crack of my ass that I realized what he was after. My body jerked forward as my stomach did somersaults at the feeling of his tongue sliding lower and lower. My hand flew to my lips to stop myself from calling out.

He stopped and pulled my pants down over my hips until they dropped to my ankles. I stepped out of one pant leg, but before I could remove the other, he slid his knees between mine and put both of his hands on my back.

“Bend over,” he barked out as he pushed me down.

I quickly obeyed, grabbing my ankles and steadying myself.

Resting his forearms on my raised ass, he proceeded to lightly kiss my thighs, ass and lips. Every so often he would pause when I reacted and revisit the last sweet spot. It was as if he were exploring me like a pleasure map.

By the time he started licking my pussy and ass, I had to brace myself against the floor in front of me. I could barely stand to stand, so I was grateful when I felt him wrap his arms around my hips to steady my balance.

He was alternating between licking my clit with variable pressure, and pushing his tongue against my ass and pussy. Every time I felt him hit a new spot, he would find a way to double my pleasure. It was as if he was some sort of self correcting genius, bringing me to the brink with increasing speeds each time around.

I was on my toes when I felt myself coming, gently bouncing my clit onto his firm flickering tongue.

I was still rocking back and forth slowly as I came down, moaning softly at such unexpected gratification. As I relaxed and allowed my body to fold down, I opened my eyes and came face to face with a beautiful dick.

“You brought dick, too?” I chuckled.

He grunted at me, likely too surprised by my reaching back to grasp it firmly to actually respond. I wanted it in my mouth; I attempted to reach it bent over as I was, but I couldn’t. I pushed my hips backward until my lips touched the tip and then steadied myself into position.

Tedee slid his pants all the way down as I licked and sucked his head softly, popping it out of my mouth and smiling. I loved it; it wasn’t overly long, but rather nice and thick. I felt him stick two fingers in my pussy and rub my clit with his thumb. I bobbed up and down on his head to show my appreciation. When I suddenly engulfed his dick in my wet mouth, I finally got my first reaction.

He had groaned out, “Mm mmm,” pushing me forward and catching me just as I started to fall.

I stumbled around to stare at him, mouth still open. But as I thought to question him, I realized… Tedee wasn’t ready. Not for this.

I smiled and climbed onto his lap, biting my lip as I stared into his soul.

“What do you like, Tee?”

He stared at my lips for a second and closed his eyes, shaking his head. I grabbed at his shirt, happy that he allowed me to pull it over his head. I ran my hands over the sparse hair that covered his wide chest and down his stomach. Tedee gave me my second reaction of the night: a low groan as my fingers retraced his happy trail.

I smiled again and leaned forward to kiss him sweetly. Looking into his eyes and reaching down to grab his manhood, I turned my head to the side.

“Can I ride it, Tee?”

He grabbed my face and kissed me, tongue-fucking my mouth until I screamed into his. I positioned myself over him and slid down, groaning inwardly at the tight fit.

Tedee released me and licked his lips, closing his eyes as I slid further and further, taking him deeper and deeper. I watched him behind slanted eyes, trying to focus on the feeling of him throbbing inside me yet thrilled by the very sight of him. By the time I reached the base, all I could do is settle onto him and rock my hips back and forth.

He felt incredible; the pressure sent waves of pleasure through my body with every twist of my hips. I reached up to grab my nipples, pinching and squeezing them as I increased my pace. He opened his eyes and watched me for a moment before pulling me to him by my waist and popping my nipple into his mouth. It was as if he was simulating my own tactics, biting and pulling at it with his teeth.

I reached down to rub my clit and felt his hand follow. He rested it on top of mine as I played with myself, as if I were to teach him to read Braille. After a few moments, he pushed my hand away and started tapping and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

“Fuck!” I shouted, bucking on him like a woman possessed.

I grabbed my tits and pushed my nipples together, thankful that he knew what I wanted. It was all too much: fucking him, combined with the feeling of his lips on my nipples and his thumb rocking away at my clit. I came hard, in waves, my head thrown back as I starting dropping myself onto his dick.

Tedee wrapped his arms around me, allowing me to collapse onto him. I could hear him exhale sharply each time my pussy throbbed… so of course I started squeezing his dick on purpose. As my strength returned, I was rocking once again.

I finally pushed myself up and climbed off of him. Standing before him, I leaned forward and kissed him and rubbed my hands across his chest. I bent down further and kissed my way to the center of his stomach, raking my nails lightly down his sides. He started to object, but I’d already popped his head in my mouth and dropped to my knees.

My mouth was dry, but my sticky juices were still glistening on his dick. Gagging on it a few times, I rotated my head around as I swirled my tongue around the tip and then dropped my head on it again. I reached down and slid my hand all the way up his thigh and wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft with my thumb underneath his sac. I licked and sucked his balls, and then sucked charily on the ridge at the base underneath.

Tedee’s ragged breathing was all the encouragement I needed to continue. I licked the shaft and jacked his dick with one hand while pulsing my thumb under his balls with the other. He groaned, and I moaned. There was something special about hearing this man respond to my touch.

He was watching me, eyes low, biting his lower lip. I lifted my breasts up onto his lap and began rubbing them on his dick, pressing them together and fucking him best I could. But I wanted him in my mouth, so badly that I couldn’t help but lick wherever I could reach. I was moaning now, so turned on by own lustful behavior – knowing what it was doing to him.

I heard him mumble incoherently and knew we were close. I grabbed his hands and combed them into my hair. Wrapping my thumb and index finger around the base of his dick, I slurped him back into my mouth and opened my throat the best I could. Gagging now that he was pushing my head down, I moaned as I sucked and licked best I was able with his thickness stretching me so.

Pushing my head down one final time, I felt his warm come splatter into my throat. I swallowed quickly, keeping the pace as he groaned in pleasure. When he was finished, I bobbed slowly… up and down, up and down, until he begged me to stop. I let him slip out of my mouth, but not all the way; instead, I lightly swirled my tongue around and around his head. Finally ready to let go, I licked him from tip to base and back again, stopping to plant kisses along the way.

He was brushing my hair out of my face, sighing and shaking his head every so often as he watched me contentedly. I sat back on my heels and smiled tiredly, suddenly overwhelmed by exhaustion. Pushing myself to my feet, I sauntered to the kitchen and rinsed my face.

When I walked back to the couch, he reached out for me. I was hot but too tired to argue. I climbed onto his lap sideways, settling into his arm against the couch.

He surprised me by drawing me into him and kissing me softly, his hand gathering in my hair and lightly massaging my scalp. It felt lovely, and… oddly natural.

I think he noticed too: for a long moment, he stopped and stared at me. I was too tired to care that his expression was once again a mystery. But I did still have one question.


His eyes refocused, as if he’d been in a daze. “Hmm?”

I cocked my head to the side. “Why’d you wait so long to hit me up?”

He shrugged and replied simply, “Because I couldn’t figure you out.”