Dean Silver


“Thank you.”

I stepped back from the microphone and bowed my head, a sly smile hidden behind curls that had fallen into my face. I swallowed, glancing at him one last time from the stage. His eyes smoldered into mine once again.

I knew it.

I had felt him, staring. He would have been hard to miss, but I had felt him… eyes following me as I sauntered towards the stairs. Too I felt the warmth of his gaze gliding down my legs with each step, catching my eyes as I took in the crowd from this temporary perch.

My legs were shaking. It wasn’t my first time performing, but the content? He was such a beautiful distraction I couldn’t help but find myself feeling like a child. Still I followed my feet forward, taking the same route in which I’d come.

“Great piece.”

I stopped and smiled at his touch, watching his hand slide sensuously down my arm.

“What was your name again?”

I opened my mouth to speak when an Amazon in heels shoved past me, pushing me closer to him. I was tempted to throw myself into him dramatically just for the thrill of it. He was fine from afar, but up close?

Help me.

He was like gold. Something like what Common Sense looked like as a youth. And I love Common fine ass.


He drew me closer.

“You alright, babygirl?”

I chuckled. Loved me some Shemar Moore, too.


He shook his head and cocked it to the side. “You want to get out of here?”

My eyes widened. I could feel my heart pounding in my head.

Smiling, he took my hand and led me through the crowd. My face reddened as I met the stares of those in our path to the door. I knew they knew… we hadn’t come together. I smiled.

We stopped outside. He released my hand after a moment, watching me intently.

“Where are we going?” I questioned softly. This wasn’t exactly my thing, but there was something about him.

He shook his head and stepped in to close the distance between us. “Where would you like me to take you?”

The question was so loaded my head began to spin. I took a deep breath and tried to mask the overwhelmed look on my face. I could tell by his soft smirk that I was not succeeding in the least.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted my chin with the crook of his finger. “I know we shouldn’t be doing this,” he said as he kissed my cheek, “but there’s something about you.”

I shivered.

It wasn’t cold. And it wasn’t just what he said. It was the feeling of his lips grazing my cheek and his fullness pressing into my hip bone. There was nothing I could do.

We both felt it. That animal magnetism people spoke of in movies. He had been watching me with the same intensity before I’d read my nasty poem, so I knew he’d recognized the freak within me long before I opened my mouth. Maybe it was the way I moved?

No. It was us. There was something about us.

I’d driven us to my place, fast. It was all I could do to keep my hands on the wheel, so distracted by his hands sliding along my arm and thigh and into my hair. When I parked, he’d grabbed my hand and kissed nearly every square inch; he made it to my wrist and I just about fainted.

The walk to my door was such a blur. He was invading my senses, touching me, teasing me, caressing me as I stumbled like a newborn dear. I fumbled with my keys as he pressed himself into me, moving my hair off my neck and nibbling as he willed.

I locked the door behind me and felt his hands on me once again. They were firm as he steadied me against the door, his smile giving me the feeling of déjà vu. He’d looked like that as I began to read my poem, hearing my blueprint for pleasure.

I shivered.

There was no time to think. His lips were on mine, and my God were they smooth; buttery soft and tasting of bitter hops. I could barely stand it, the feeling of them tracing the outline of my own lips ever so softly.

I draped my arms around his shoulders and began tracing circles at the base of his neck, hoping to entice him, draw him in. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted to forget he was a stranger in my house… to forget everything but him even for only a moment.

My eyes parted slightly to gaze out at him. I wasn’t surprised to find him watching me. But I was caught off guard when he took my bottom lip into his mouth and suckled slowly. My moan must have been his undoing.

Kissing me was no longer enough. I felt his hand glide down my waist and past my hips; he grabbed one cheek for an instant and then pulled my leg up by the back of my thigh. He was rocking into me, side to side, the pressure causing me gasp in delight as he traced his tongue around my earlobe.

The sudden coolness brought me back to reality. I realized he had stepped away from me and was watching me intently as I gathered myself. His chest revealed what his eyes did not – he was virtually out of breath, likely overwhelmed by the same tension I was feeling now.

He smiled. “Would you like to freshen up?”

My eyes searched his as I melted into the door. He wanted to reenact my poem.


I swallowed and opened my mouth to speak, but no sound came out. He reached out his hand and gave me another sly smile.

Pushing myself off the door, I placed my hand in his. A sudden boldness came over me and I stepped in front of him, leading him to my bedroom door. He slid past me, the parting touch of his fingers sliding down mine only increasing my anticipation. I didn’t look at him again; afraid I’d lose myself in those damned eyes.

Crossing the hall to the bathroom, I closed the door silently and rest against it. I flipped the light on and stared at myself in the mirror. Looking down at my clothes and back at my reflection, I smiled.

“Fuck it.”

I appeared in the doorway to find him sitting casually on the edge of the bed. He’d removed his shirt and jeans to reveal swirling tufts of hair on a powerfully built chest and lean torso, and the thick muscular legs of an athlete.



My lips curved sensuously, as I watched him lingeringly examine my naked body. But my smile faded when I saw him bite his lip when he paused on my smooth mound.

A moan escaped me and his eyes shot up to mine. He stood and closed the distance between us. He reached out to touch me but stopped, hesitating as if he didn’t know where to start.

But it was I who would know first, the flat of my palm pressing gently into his chest as I gazed into his eyes. Without warning, he kissed me so zealously I felt that he’d swallowed me whole.

I don’t remember making it onto the bed. His lips were like white, hot fire and my body was responding in ways I’d never experienced. He traced them along my jaw line, down my neck, along my collar bone, down my chest and back up to my lips, bringing me to incredible heights with each sequence.

By the time the onslaught ended, I was delirious. I could barely open my eyes, too afraid to move or do anything that would interrupt the waves of pleasure flowing through my body. I moaned as I felt him lift my arms above my head, positioning himself between my thighs and pinning me there. Desperate to feel more of him, I intertwined my legs with his and rubbed my calves and feet against him sensually. He stared down at me and kissed me with the barest touch, causing goose bumps to spread over me in waves.

He moved down my neck once more, still with the lightest of kisses. My head thrashed back and forth as he flicked his tongue across the fullness of my chest. I arched into him, hoping he would make his way to my nipple; instead, he licked, kissed, and sucked his way around my breasts, closing in on my areola but never quite making it there. His hands kept me firmly in place when I tried to move my arms, frustrating me.

My eyes shot open. “Please?” I begged in whisper. I couldn’t help myself.

He chuckled, but granted my request with a short flick across my left nipple. I felt my stomach cave in and turn over all at once. Alternating between each breast, he kissed and licked my nipples as he stared into my eyes. He let my arms go and grabbed each breast, pushing my nipples together to suckle on each one with more and more pressure. I draped one arm over his shoulder and used my free hand to caress his neck and head, watching him intently as he devoured my nipple once more.

“Oh, shit!”

My eyes rolled back into my head as I felt his teeth surround the tip before he sucked again. His hand began to roam down my side, the firm pressure gripping my hip causing me to grind into him involuntarily.

He groaned and pushed himself off of me, sitting back on his heels. The sudden departure brought a frown to my face. I grabbed my breasts, ran my hands along my stomach and thighs and back again, the sounds of my frustration growing. I looked up at him expectantly, longing for more. His labored breath and the fire in his eyes sent chills up my spine.

“Turn over.”

He had said it so quickly I didn’t have time to react before he grabbed my leg and rolled me onto my stomach. To my further surprise, he climbed onto me and seated himself on the back of my legs.


I buried my face into the comforter. How I was supposed to accomplish that feat was beyond me, but I took a deep breath anyway. I tensed for a moment when I felt his hands slide up my back; another deep breath helped only slightly, but I soon lost myself in the feeling. He was gliding his hands over my back in such a soothing fashion I couldn’t help but smile.

It only took a few more moments for me to finally let go, but I froze when I felt him shift quickly behind me. He was laying on me now, moving my hair off my ear and burying his tongue in my most sensitive crevices. Gripping his hands in my hair, he pulled me closer to him. I cried out when he began moving on top of me, simulating an act we’d yet to perform and driving me wild in the process.

Moving slowly down my back, he kissed his way lower and lower, all the while rubbing his hands wherever they could reach. Glossing over my cheeks with small kisses, he found his way to the back of my thighs and licked  his way to the back of my knees. He grabbed my ass firmly in both hands and began kneading, kissing his way back towards my inner thighs. His tongue lightly licked up and down and side to side as if he were christening my private parts. He finally pushed my cheeks up and began pressing his tongue into my closed thighs.

I could barely contain myself, his affections were so intense. I cried out again and again, completely ablaze with the realization that we were only just getting started.

I opened my thighs, attempting to welcome him further. But he stopped short when his tongue met the deluge that had been dammed up until that moment. I felt him dip his tongue deeper this time and heard him groan.

“Damn, girl.”

I buried my face in the comforter again, embarrassed as usual.

“There’s a towel –” I started to mumble, but he was already forcefully lifting my hips off the bed. He grabbed a pillow and pushed it under my hips.

“Relax,” he commanded again.

I didn’t have time to try. He buried his face into my ass, shoving his tongue into my pussy, groaning and smacking his lips as if he couldn’t get enough. I nearly screamed when I felt the flat of his tongue firmly lick up to my asshole. His tongue swirled around and around, pushing and poking every so often, kissing it like he’d kissed me.

He turned me over so abruptly he had to dodge my foot. He smiled at me and I giggled at the sight of his glossy face. But his smile quickly faded.

“Grab your big toes.”

My mouth dropped open. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was the confidence in his tone that made me obey.

I hadn’t even swung my legs all the way back when he dove down once more, fucking my pussy again with his tongue. I’d never felt anything like it; he was so deep inside me, tasting me. Every so often he would dip down to lick my ass and then back up, carefully avoiding my clit.

I was screaming. My body was on fire, and he hadn’t even reached the zenith of my pleasure? I was sure I would pass out.

“Mmmm mmm mm…” he grumbled out as he stopped and stared at me.

I met his eyes and dropped my head back. He kissed my lips and my inner thighs, flicking his tongue here and there. Pulling himself up, he wiped his mouth and chin with his hand. He was watching me intently, as I lay there languidly caressing my nipples. I reached my hand up for him and he smiled warmly, mounting me with a grin.

Kissing me languorously, he slid a hand down my side body once more. I jumped as his finger grazed my clitoris, but he had other things in mind. My eyes squeezed closed in pleasure when I felt his middle finger press deeply into me, and then begin to pulse up within me. He grabbed me by my hair with his free hand and kissed me, rocking his body into mine to match the pace below.

He stopped. “Did you just squirt?”

My eyes flew open. He was staring at me, brows furrowed inches from my face. I nodded. I closed my eyes when he inserted his index finger, the addition enhancing the sensation.

“Look at me,” he murmured.

I could barely stand to do so, but I gazed up at him from behind slanted lids. I felt him alternate each finger inside me, pushing, pulling, twisting and turning; he watched my eyes as if he were studying me, while suckling on my bottom lip.

I closed my eyes again when I felt him return to the previous motion and rhythm, but he stopped.

“Look at me,” he whispered against my lips.

He started again, and I nearly wept. It was agonizing, staring into his blazing eyes as he played with my body so easily. My eyes began to droop closed, and he stopped again.

“What did I say?”

I whimpered, a pout forming on my lips.

He kissed me. “You want me to keep going?”

I nodded almost imperceptibly, gazing into his eyes.

“I won’t stop if you won’t.”

I frowned. He’d started again and my eyes had almost immediately closed. He was driving me insane.

I took a deep breath and looked up at him, emboldened by my own need. I gasped when I felt him pressing into me, using his whole body, watching me all the while. I felt another release and was delighted to see his eyes light up as I squirted onto his hand. He didn’t stop, pushing further, increasing his pressure, searching my eyes as I moaned into his ardent kisses. My eyes closed again, but thankfully he didn’t stop. Instead he roughly gripped at my scalp, pulling my head back and holding me in place while his lips sought out my nipple.

I had never, ever in my life felt the pleasure of a g-spot orgasm. I don’t know how long the waves racked my body, nor how long I blacked out. But I awoke to the most tantalizing kisses and a beautiful, radiant smile.

“Are you ready?”

I wasn’t. But in my daze, I nodded anyway.

He grabbed my face and kissed me lingeringly, his hands exploring the curve of my hips and thighs. I was thankful for the lull; it allowed me to return to my senses. Moving off of me, he kissed my nipples and my belly before settling himself between my legs once again.

I could feel it; I was sticky. Self-conscious, I tried to squeeze my legs closed.

“Can I, uh–” I choked.

He looked up at me.

“I need a towel,” I piped out.

He shook his head. “Mmm mm.”

I reached over to the nightstand to grab the hand towel. “Please?” I begged. “It’s too wet…”

He responded by dipping his tongue between my lips and then smacking his own together.

I giggled. I tossed the towel at him and sighed, looking up at the ceiling. Cupping my breasts in my hands, I started to squeeze them gently and pinch my nipples.

I felt his hands massaging the dimples of my pelvis as he kissed my inner thighs. His hand pushed back my thick mound as he settled further, and I felt the sensation of his cool breath blowing on my clit. I started to squirm beneath him; I didn’t want to wait anymore, I needed to know. I tried to arch my hips up towards his mouth but he pushed me back down.

“Ugh!” I cried out in frustration.

He laughed.

Wrapping his left arm around my leg, he steadied his hand above my clit, exposing it from behind its hooded den. I felt him kiss it softly, his buttery smooth lips providing moments of pure bliss. Again and again, he pressed his lips onto my clit until I was lifting my hips to meet him. He licked my lips and all around it, withholding his tongue from my most sacred space.

“Please?” I cried, nearly shouting, my need was so great.

I’m surprised I didn’t explode at the first touch. I felt the flat of his entire tongue run over my clit before he licked and then kissed it again. He repeated the process over and over, holding me to him. I felt my legs start to shake and I grabbed his head, holding it in place while I lifted my hips and bucked on his tongue. He was sucking, his lips completely surrounding my clit, while flicking his tongue back and forth across it.

“Fuck,” I gritted out, before my entire body locked in stillness.

He didn’t miss a beat. Latching on to my clit, he began to shake his head wildly. It was my undoing. I rode the wave that seemed almost endless, pushing my clit into his mouth and his head into my pussy, screaming in pleasure. Just as I thought the moment had begun to drift away, I felt him press two fingers inside of me.

“No!” I shouted, but it was too late.

My body was no longer mine to control. I was his puppet. With every thrust of his fingers, I felt myself lift higher off the bed. His tongue ravished my clit as wave after wave of the most intense orgasms of my life rushed through my body. I’d gone crazy; toe curling, head thrashing, screaming mad.

By the time the feeling subsided, I was completely undone. But he was not finished. He was lightly kissing my clit, licking my lips, and kissing my inner thighs. I glanced down at him lazily, completely exhausted.

He lifted his head and smiled before disappearing once more.

I groaned again, barely making a sound as I felt his tongue slip in and out of me. My eyes rolled back into my head as he kissed my clit again.

“No more,” I moaned out. “Please.”

He licked my clit once more and kissed my inner thighs, smiling up at me.